Zev News – August 2010

In August, Benjamin participated daily in a drama workshop called "Class Act."  They rehearsed the play "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee."  Benjamin had the role of Leaf Conybear, a role which couldn't have been more perfect for Benjamin, if he had written it himself.  At the end of the month, the play was performed 4 times.  Most of the girls appearing in only a single performance.  A few of the girls and all the boys were in 2 of the performances.  So we had two opportunities to see Benjamin perform. Marc went to both. Jackie went to both but had to leave the first one at intermission to go to the Hebrew High New Parent Orientation.  It was fun to see two performances and see the differences between them.


The Hebrew High New Parent Orientation was interesting for a couple of coincidences.  The family that hosted the event has a daughter, Lee, who attends El Camino High School.  Well, Jackie’s sister-in-law teaches math there, her niece and nephew are attending school there, and her brother is heavily involved in the band.  Lee and Samantha are both in 10th grade, so Jackie asked Lee if she knows them.  It turns out that Lee has classes with Samantha and that Michael is the TA in one of Lee’s other classes.  That was fun.  Then, to Jackie surprise, there was a knock on the door, and in walks Jonathan’s best friend Sean.  Jackie and Sean looked at each other and both had the same thought, "What are you doing here?"  Jackie was there because Lee is in Hebrew High and so is Benjamin.  Sean was there because Lee is (in his words) his best friend.  The fact that he happened to come over on the one night that Jackie was there was a complete coincidence.  That was fun too.