The Zev familyís 2013


Last year I said that, since I have a blog (, I donít feel like I have to put every detail of my life in these year-end newsletters.† But in 2013, I didnít blog about my life that much.† But still, I promise not to put every detail about 2013 in this newsletter.


The big news for Marc was that his boss retired, to be replaced with one that was Ė um Ė somewhat problematic.† So he found another job doing the same work (website development) for a lot more money and a good boss.† He now works for Nuvo TV, an English language TV station for the Latino audience.† As a bonus, he introduced our nephew to his office, and they immediately recognized Mitchellís worth and hired him too.† Nice!


The big news for Benjamin was that he got his driverís license, and took over the responsibility of getting himself to school, soccer, chorus, piano/clarinet lessons, Hebrew, confirmation class and robotics competitions.† Heís a busy guy!† He also continues to square dance (mostly at festivals.)† Over the summer, he participated in a program for high school students at UC San Diego, where he took a logic class.† The class was less than he hoped, but he had a really good time participating in all the extracurricular activities.†


At Rice University, Jonathan stepped up as Treasurer for FastWarp (the Rice board game club.) He also continues to play the accordion in the MOB (the Marching Owl Band) and participate in the Hillel.† He amuses himself by making small origami stars, and now has over 20,000 in a variety of colors.† He is not square dancing as much these days, but he did go to the National Square Dance convention last June (as did we all!)


Jackie has continued to participate in the board for her local AAUW branch, the board for our Templeís Sisterhood, the board for our Templeís Religious School, and is helping to plan the 2014 convention for the Women of Reform Judaism, Pacific District.† At times itís a bit much, but sheís not willing to give any of it up.† She escapes from these responsibilities by going to work, which continues to be a lot of fun.† She will reach her 20 year anniversary with the company in January.


We hope your 2013 went as well as ours, and we wish you a very happy 2014!


Jackie, Marc, Jonathan and Benjamin