Zev Family Newsletter: April 1999

While March was chock full with events, health issues, awards, parties and holidays, April was much lower key.

Both Jackie and the boys settled in to a new routine with Jackie working. Jackie is enjoying working, enjoys the adult conversation, and misses the boys while she is at work. Working 25 hours seems like a good balance. Benjamin really likes our housekeeper, Rossibel, and seems content regardless of who is taking care of him. Jonathan is happier being at home mornings rather than at the YMCA.

Marcs work sent him to Dayton, OH. They have had to lay off some employees lately, but we are not concerned that Marcs job is in danger.

Jonathan started Spring Soccer. Although his team is not the powerhouse that his last soccer team was, he is enjoying it, and spring soccer is providing him with valuable lessons on how you can be a winner even when your team loses (by doing your best).

Marc did the invitations for his sister Rhonas surprise party in honor of her 40th birthday. The party came off perfectly. Rhona did not have a clue, even when the parking attendant asked her if she was there for the party.

Marc and Jackie enjoyed the play, "The Supporting Cast" at the Granada Hills Theater. If you live near us, we recommend it as a pleasant alternative to the movies.

Benjamin continues to explode with words. It seems that he repeats everything. Hes constantly surprising us with the words that he knows. The other day it was really cold, and he said, "Chilly!" Chilly! What happened to "cold"? He continues to call Jonathan "Weh-weh" and now he has a name for our housekeeper too. He calls Rossibel "Fuffy." We have no idea why. He seems to be a little boy now, and not a toddler any more. Jackie misses his babyhood, but hes so cute as a two-year old that its hard to be sad that hes growing up. At 18 months, he seemed to hit the terrible twos early, but now that he is communicating better, the tantrums have subsided, and he is a real pleasure.

One aspect to Benjamin that continues to amaze and please us is his ability to amuse himself. If you put a tape in, he will sit quietly and listen to it all the way through. In fact, while Jackie is getting ready in the morning, Jonathan will play tapes to amuse Benjamin without being asked. Benjamin will go into his room or the playroom and take books off the shelf and page through them for what seems like hours. He will happily play by himself in the sandbox, and when he is done, he will come to us, and take us outside so that we can brush the sand out of his hair, mouth and clothes. He is just a delightful child.

Jonathan is a joy as well. He continues to bring home one perfect paper after another from Kindergarten. Many papers are marked "neat!" which is a reference to his neat printing. I dont know where his writing genes came from -- they must have skipped a generation.

Til next month!

Jackie, Marc, Jonathan and Benjamin